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Let’s Connect Poster

Let’s connect poster for children’s mental health week. 

Connections are vital to our wellbeing and mental health. In fact ‘connect’ is one of the 5 a day for wellbeing so it is a very fitting topic for this year’s mental health week. Do take a look at our BLOG POST with free downloadable list of ideas for this week.

Connections are all about the healthy relationships that are built with others, whether that is a friend, a family member or members of a group you belong to. Feeling like you belong can promote a positive self-worth and is excellent for wellbeing and self esteem. Having people to connect to can help you with emotional support and you can also help to support them too.

I did this with a bee theme because bees are brilliant for illustrating community and working together. They connect constantly. This might be something you can point out to the pupils.

This ‘Let’s Connect poster’ has words associated with building connections. There is also a blank version included so pupils can come up with their own words.

Display the poster and discuss all of the words with the pupils. What do they mean? Pupils could work in groups on the blank poster to come up with their own ideas and words. Both the poster and blank poster print as A3 so should give room for writing their own version.

Download: A to z poster

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