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Let’s Connect Display Banner

Let’s connect display banner for children’s mental health week. 

Connections are vital to our wellbeing and mental health. In fact ‘connect’ is one of the 5 a day for wellbeing so it is a very fitting topic for this year’s mental health week. Do take a look at our BLOG POST with free downloadable list of ideas for this week.

Connections are all about the healthy relationships that are built with others, whether that is a friend, a family member or members of a group you belong to. Feeling like you belong can promote a positive self-worth and is excellent for wellbeing and self esteem. Having people to connect to can help you with emotional support and you can also help to support them too.

This Let’s Connect display banner can be used to display any work you might be doing that week. We have these lovely jigsaw pieces that would work well with this.

Download:Connect banner

"The amount of resources is great, there are so many topics covered, this really helps me plan a session, great when planning time is so limited. Also, they are colourful and appealing to the children which helps them engage in the activity."

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