Learning a new skill

This resource was made in response to an email from two ELSAs. They loved the ‘The Learning Hierarchy’ by Haring and Eaton (1978) and wanted this in child speak along with images. I love a challenge so I have come up with this. Hope it is useful for children to understand how you actually acquire a skill.

There are five stages in this hierarchy, there is lots of info online if you want to do some further reading.

  • Acquiring the skill
  • Becoming fluent in the skill
  • Maintaining the skill
  • Generalising the skill
  • Adapting the skill

We all know how difficult it is to transfer skills children learn in ELSA sessions and often they can do or can give all the right answers when with you but they don’t apply these skills elsewhere. Hopefully this will help them to understand how they actually learn a skill and then become fluent, can maintain, generalise and eventually adapt the skill.

This is very simplified and in child speak and I really hope they do understand. If you want to feedback on this resource then please do contact me.

Download: Isla Skills

Download: Kenny Skills


"I am a head of year in a secondary school. I am not ELSA trained, but I find this site so helpful in my day when working with the students. 
It is a very valuable resource that I use every day.
 Thank you."

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