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Last day memories transition

Reflecting on last day memories is essential for children moving to a new school or class. Celebrating achievements and acknowledging growth helps boost their self-esteem and confidence. It also provides an opportunity to say goodbye to friends and teachers, offering closure and a sense of completion.

This reflection process helps children manage their emotions, particularly feelings of sadness or anxiety about the change. Focusing on positive memories fosters gratitude and contentment, reminding them of the joy they experienced. Additionally, reflecting on how they overcame challenges builds resilience for future difficulties.

Reflecting on the past year inspires children to set new goals for the next year.  It boosts their confidence and encourages a positive outlook on future transitions.

Our resource can be used for moving school or class. It is easy to print out for every child in the school to do.

Download: Last day memories


"I’m only just starting our on my Elsa role this year but over the last year I’ve been using your resources to support children in class and my school who have been going through so many emotions. It’s an invaluable site and resource to me full of excellent resources that appeal to all ages. Well thought out!"

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