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Kindness bucket lesson plan

This is a kindness bucket lesson plan and supports our Bucket full of kindness display pack

Being kind makes people happy and shows we care about them. When we are kind, we help others feel good and create a nicer world. It’s like spreading happiness to everyone. Being kind means we understand how others feel and try to help them when they need it.

This lesson plan will help pupils to understand how important it is to be kind. It is a great way to introduce our Bucket full of kindness display pack. It could also be used on its own if you don’t have the space to put the display up.

Included in the kindness bucket lesson plan

  • Lesson plan
  • Bucket worksheet
  • Kindness charades cards

It’s important for pupils to understand that being kind helps them to feel happy too. It goes both ways. You make others feel happier and you will feel happier too.

Download: Kindness lesson plan

"The worries and fears lapbook has been a great resource. It builds from sizing their worries, understanding control, to strategies to try. It’s lovely that they have something to take home to talk through with other adults."

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