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July Elsa-Support Resources – What’s New?

July Elsa Support Resources – What’s new?

I thought it might be helpful to show all the resources each month that are new to the site. The links to the resources show up in orange so click that if you want to have a closer look.

You can find all of June resources here

Bucket of kindness

bucket full of kindness display

Rise and thrive teen self-esteem intervention

rise and thrive teen self esteem

Worry Boxes

worry boxes

Updated blog post Summer Gift labels


End of term Transition resource pack

end of term transition

Children’s Feelings Dictionary

The village of worryfree

Village of worryfree

Our FRIENDS intervention has been updated

friends intervention planning



Other Resources you will love!

Make a face booklet – Item 115

The Make a face booklet  will give lots of opportunity for talking about feelings. It is a flip book where the eyes and the mouths…


The Food game – Item 111

The ELSA group discussions often result in a new resource. This one was inspired by someone who wanted ideas for a group of picky eaters…


Motivational Stickers bundle - Item 3991Motivational Stickers bundle - Item 3991Motivational Stickers bundle - Item 3991

Motivational Stickers bundle – Item 3991

This is our Motivational Stickers bundle. We provide all our stickers on easy to use flat A4 sheets. Each sheet contains 35 identical circular stickers,…


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