All about me Jigsaw – Transition activity

Here are some jigsaw templates for a huge display. I have done various colours but if there is a colour you particularly want then message me.

Download: Jigsaw blue 1

Download:Jigsaw Green 1

Download: Jigsaw Orange 1

Download: Jigsaw Pink 1

Download: Jigsaw Yellow 1

Download: Jigsaw red 1

Download: Jigsaw grey

Jigsaw blank updated for Sara

"Despite the intense training ELSAs receive, when starting out it can feel overwhelming. Without this website I don’t know where I would have been. The immense availability of incredible resources and support are second to none. There has never been a situation when there hasn’t been a resource available. Debbie the site owner is always working on new resources and will be guided by and listen to all the members voices. Thank you so much!"

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