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Jaunty June Wellbeing Club Planning

This is our Jaunty June Wellbeing club planning.

Many of you are running wellbeing groups at lunchtimes and after school. You will find lots of resources to help you do this from our free resource section.

Of course you could also use this planning as part of your ELSA role too. They could even be used whole class if needed. Give the link to your teachers!!!

Each month I will release a month’s worth of planning with links to resources that you can use. The planning will be released before the beginning of each month to give you chance to gather the resources.

Objective for sessions: To be lively, energetic and full of confidence.

Being jaunty, or cheerful and lively, brings numerous benefits to children. It uplifts their mood, making them feel happier and more optimistic about life’s challenges. A jaunty attitude encourages resilience, helping children bounce back from setbacks with a positive outlook. It enhances their social interactions, as cheerful children are often more approachable and enjoyable to be around, fostering strong friendships and a sense of belonging.

Being jaunty can fuel creativity and exploration, as children are more likely to engage enthusiastically in new experiences and learning opportunities. Overall, being jaunty not only brightens their day but also equips children with valuable skills and attitudes that contribute to their overall well-being and success in life.

Here’s what the Jaunty June session looks like:

  1. Welcome and Feelings Check-in: Start by asking pupils how they’re feeling, and they can pinpoint their emotions using the chart you’ll print out.
  2. Main Activity: These are all hands-on. Activities such as  crafting, drawing, movement or colouring. Plus, there’ll be minimal writing involved.
  3. Relaxation: Wrap up with a calming activity to ease pupils back into their routine. It’s the perfect way to transition back to class smoothly.

Jaunty June is part of our wellbeing year calendar resources.

We also have a leaflet for Jaunty June

Jaunty June pupil leaflet

Download: Jaunty June wellbeing club planning


"This half term I’ve been using, growth mindset intervention, anxiety intervention, emotional awareness, my heart to heart diary and coping skills toolkit, my children have loved them. I’ve seen their confidence and problem solving skills grow over the weeks. Thank you so much Debbie. Jane. 1:1 TA/ELSA"

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