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Jar of fears

This is a jar of fears for scaling how much something might scare the pupil.

What things are they scared of? How big is that fear? This is a simple and very visual way of scaling those fears. You could do this prior to any intervention. Then once some coping strategies have been taught then do the sheet again to see any improvement. You could either use two colours to draw the two lines on the jar or just use the same sheet again. There is a sheet with just one jar and a sheet with 6 jars if the child has many fears.

Download: Jar of fears worksheets

One of the books I love for working on fears is Little Mouse’s big book of fears


"They are bright and colourful, easy to use, cheap (as I pay for them myself) and easy to dip in and out of when you need to mix and match resources for bespoke sessions. They are just great and I don't know how we'd all manage without you Debbie! Thank you x"

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