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January Elsa Support Resources- What’s new?

January Elsa Support Resources – What’s new?

I thought it might be helpful to show all the resources each month that are new to the site. The links to the resources show up in orange so click that if you want to have a closer look.

So far this month we have these resources.

Looking after my mental health

looking after my mental health

Tree of connections for children’s mental health week

Friendly February Lesson Plan

friendly february lesson plan

Time to sleep story pack

A story and supporting resources for helping pupils with their sleep.

time to sleep story pack


Posters which are used for social media

Sleep tips for children

Some simple tips for children to take away with them or to give out to parents.

Sleep tips for children

New Year Lapbook has been updated.


More and Less for the New year 

This is a tab booklet where pupils can decide what they want to do more of this year and what they want to do less of.

Feeling worried story and coping strategy cards

This is a story about feeling worried which has positive coping strategies included. There are also coping cards included in the pack.

Wellbeing Calendar for pupils

pupil wellbeing calendar

A new baby story and resources

This is a story for pupils who are expecting a new baby in the family. There is a girl version and a boy version.

new baby story pack

Anger volcano pack

This is an anger volcano pack with lots of resources to show what happens when we get angry.

Anger volcano

Anger volcano craft activity

This is an anger volcano craft activity that will be helpful for younger learners and those who prefer a hands on activity.

Anger volcano craft activity

Children’s mental health week resources

We have put together a huge list of ideas for this week and some ideas make use of our free resources still on the site.

Let’s connect poster for children’s mental health week

This poster is to support children’s mental health week and shows words associated with connecting with others.

lets connect poster

Connect tab book for children’s mental health

This is a connect tab booklet for children’s mental health weeks. It is a fun, visually appealing activity that the whole school could do. There is a black and white version included in the pack.

connect tab book

This January Elsa Support Resources blog post will be updated each week throughout January. Hope it is helpful. Check back regularly.


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