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This delightful poetry book about feelings was sent to me by Jane Rogers who is a Parenting Expert and founder of The Cambridge Parent Coach. You can find her on Facebook here The Cambridge Parent Coach

You can buy the book from here – just click the picture

Jane asked if I would share her book with you all and I am always delighted to do this but I do like to read them before recommending. Jane very kindly sent me a copy along with some resources. These resources are based on her book ‘I’m Not Afraid of Spiders’ and are completely free to download. You can download the resource from here.


So onto the book. This book has lots of poems around emotions, but what I really like about it is that it is very much in ‘workbook’ style. Very simple images in black and white, perfect for photocopying if you need to work individually with a child. There are prompts within the book and space for the child to write.

Learning about emotions is just so fundamental to emotional well being and to life in general. Being able to recognise, understand, label, express and ultimately regulate emotions is a huge learning process but one that every child could master given careful teaching and opportunity. This book will help to do that.

There are so many poems that I do love but this very simple and short poem really appealed to me.

Now that Grandad’s gone – which brings up the loss of a grandparent. Something many children do experience in their lives. This very simple poem suitable for any aged child can actually be something they can relate to. Death or loss does leave a huge hole, a massive empty feeling that is very hard to fill. What a great way to heal by finding ways to fill the hole through happy memories and good times spent with their grandparent. I can see a whole range of ideas for using this idea of a hole to fill.


There are loads of poems that deal with emotions but also poems that deal with situations such as ‘Boring shoe shopping’ or ‘The Dentists chair’. I would definitely recommend this book to parents, ELSAs and teachers.

For more book recommendations then check out the list here. I will be adding this one to it. Click the picture to take you there.



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  • Janine Shelton says:

    This looks excellent. Thank you for the recommendation – I have just ordered the book and it is very reasonably priced too.

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