How to use the Emotion phones - Elsa Support for emotional literacy

How to use the Emotion phones

This emotion phone pack is very versatile and can be used in lots of different ways.

You can find these phones on this link Click here

Phones without words

  • Lay out the phones and ask the pupil to pick the phone that represents how they are feeling right now.
  • Go through the phones one by one and ask the pupil which emotion do they represent.
  • Ask the pupil to sort through the phones between positive and negative emotions.
  • Which phone represents how they would like to feel? Why?
  • Which phone represents the worst feeling they have ever had. Why?
  • Which phone represents the best feeling they have ever had? Why?
  • Pick a phone such as angry. What physical feelings do they get when angry?
  • Using the angry phone, how can they calm down when angry?
  • Using the worried phone, how can they calm down when worried? What strategies can they try?

Phones with words

  • Learn a common emotion word by looking through the phones
  • Use in a similar way to the phones without words.
  • Use to talk about synonyms of emotions – what other words do they know?

Match the picture to the picture

  • Look at the picture on the screen and simply match the pictures
  • Look at the picture and discuss which other emotions might be underneath that picture

Match the word to the picture

  • Look at the word and read  it. Which picture matches the word?

Match the picture to the word

  • Look at the picture and match the picture to the word

Emotional registers

  • Simply use the pictures or the words for the pupil to tap on the keypad which emotion they are feeling



Draw or write the emotion

  • Pupils can choose an emotion to write or draw


Speech and talking bubbles

  • Pupils can use these phones to write their thoughts or give messages

Blank phones

  • Use these for your own activities
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