Happy Hannah, happy monster – How to achieve happiness

This resource is to help children achieve happiness. It is based on scientifically proven methods of boosting happiness. Well being or good mental health is so important and why not start children early when they are young to get into good habits. I am offering this free even though it did take me a long time to create because I believe we should be doing these things with our children. Parents, carers, teaching assistants, teachers, Elsas, Learning mentors, and anyone else who has contact with children. Let’s make our children more resilient and more able to cope with all the challenges that are thrown at them.

This resource is a Powerpoint show which you can use on a computer or whiteboard. It is also offered as a PDF file so if you do not have access to a computer you can still work through the powerpoint.

It looks at 7 things you need to do for good mental health or happiness!

  • Being helpful
  • Being active
  • Connecting with others
  • Taking notice (mindfulness)
  • Learning something new
  • Hopes, wishes and dreams
  • Being grateful or thankful
  • Smiling

You can download the Powerpoint show here: mind-monsters-presentation-happy

You can download the PDF of the show here: mind-monsters-presentation-happy

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"Thanks for all the work you do on the website, as I honestly don’t think I would be the Elsa I am today without your resources. I bought the starter pack when I started Elsa and it gave me a good start. I’m always on your site as I love the shared ideas too. Our school is on a tight budget - as are many - so I love your Freebie Friday as I use these resources most days and it helps so many vulnerable children on a daily basis. I don’t think I’d be the Elsa I am today without it. Thanks so much Debbie for the time and effort you take to make it all happen."

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