Halloween Spooky Puzzles - Learn about the emotion of fear - Elsa Support

Halloween Spooky Puzzles – Learn about the emotion of fear

We have 4 spooky puzzles for you to download. You need to print them back to back so you have the picture on one side and the questions on the back. Cut along the dotty lines. You will need a die to play. The pupil rolls a die, wins a piece of the puzzle and answers the question in order to keep it. Can they make the picture up? Suitable for everyone.

Download: Spooky Puzzles

"Quick and convenient to download and complete and I love the way that many of the designs match to keep consistency. I'm not a trained ELSA but do things ELSA linked with Nurture and for the ASD children the simplicity of the designs are fantastic"

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  • Jenny Krekis says:

    I am blown away by your creativity Debbie. Your resources are amazing and so useful. Thank you for being a great inspiration to us all.

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