Give me five ‘game’

October 17, 2015
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This is a getting to know you game which can be used for breaking the ice, finding out more about the child and also a fun game to play.

The ELSA group came up with the questions so is a collaborative effort from those lovely people. I just made the cards.

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Download: Give me 5 cards

Download: Give me 5 gameboard

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By request – a gameboard, use a die and counters to play. Cover up the 4,5,6 on the die and replace with 1,2,3 so the game lasts a bit longer.

7 thoughts on “Give me five ‘game’

    1. Debbie Palphreyman Post author

      Hi Pam,

      The cards aren’t really a game as such but I am sure you could think of ways of using as a game. You could lay them out and throw a coin and whichever one it lands on then you must answer the question. You could put them all face down and choose a card then answer the question. You could lay them out like a board game and throw a die then move around the board answering questions. Just use them when working one to one or choose one during circle time for them all to answer. The skies the limit really 🙂

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