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Exercise Storyboard for mental health awareness week

This is an Exercise Storyboard for Mental health awareness week. The theme is ‘Moving more for mental health’. Pupils will make their own exercise routine and will draw their facial expression for each day they complete their exercises.

What are the benefits of moving more?

  • Exercise releases feel-good chemicals in the brain, called endorphins, which can help children feel happier and more positive about themselves and the world around them.
  • Physical activity is a great way for children to release built-up tension and stress. Moving their bodies can help them feel calmer and more relaxed, reducing worries and anxieties.
  • Regular exercise has been shown to improve concentration and focus in children. By getting their bodies moving, children can sharpen their minds and be better able to pay attention in school and other activities.
  • Achieving physical goals and milestones through exercise can boost children’s self-confidence and self-esteem. Feeling strong and capable physically can translate to feeling more confident in other areas of life.
  • Exercise is often more enjoyable when done with friends or family. By participating in group activities or sports, children have the opportunity to make new friends, learn teamwork, and have fun together.
  • Regular physical activity can improve the quality of children’s sleep, helping them fall asleep faster and sleep more soundly through the night. Better sleep leads to more energy during the day and improved overall well-being.
  • Exercise teaches children important coping skills for dealing with challenges and emotions. By overcoming physical obstacles and pushing themselves out of their comfort zones, children learn resilience and how to bounce back from setbacks.

Download our exercise storyboard for mental health below.

Download: Exercise routine mental health week

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