End of year gift labels for your class or group

It is that time of year when Teachers, Teaching Assistants and ELSAs are looking for a small gift to give their children. Below you will find some labels and some ideas. I will keep adding to them as I make them so keep checking back. Also if you have any ideas then please do comment below.

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A request for a label to go with some emoji gummies. Children can finish their own Emoji.

Download: Emoji your summer


A request for a label for crayons, click on the name to edit.

Download: Colourful summer

Another request for a label for playdough. This opens in word so make sure you have word on your computer. You can edit who it is too and who it is from

DOWNLOAD: doughlightful summer

I just made this one. I have put this into a Word document with text boxes so you can change the name of the child and your name. Make sure you download onto Microsoft word.

DOWNLOAD: bubbly with fun

Download: Bubbly Label WE

These could be used for bookmarks – add a tiny photo of the child in the circle.


Blew awayTags you blew me away

Lots of things this could go with:

  • A balloon or balloons
  • A bottle of bubbles
  • A beach ball
  • Party blowers

bubbling with pride

Bubbling with pride

A bottle of bubbles and bubble wand for this one.


chalk tag

This label is perfect for a box of coloured chalks or you could buy a big pack and put a few chalks in a cellophane or paper bag.


smart cookie

You are one smart cookie

This label is great for some home made biscuits, a packet of biscuits such as the ‘animal’ biscuits, a gingerbread man, or a big cookie (such as the ones from supermarkets).

Stay friends

Stay friends this summer

This was a special request from an ELSA who had bought some emoji pencils for her group.


Smartie pants

This label goes well with a small box of smarties, a tube of smarties or a packet of smarties.


You are skipping into year 2

You are skipping into summer new

This label is to go with a skipping rope. There is also a different version ‘You are skipping into summer’



This label would go with some pop corn or some corn ready to pop at home.

Cool summer

Tags have a cool summer

This label is for ice pops (unfrozen of course).


You have been a star

This label goes with a packet of milky way magic stars.

Have a RUBBERY summer

This label goes with a rubber/eraser

Don’t mask your feelings

To go with a mask

Another request. This one goes with a book or bookmark.

book label

A request for a label to go with a packet of seeds. I have done a circle shape and a gift label shape



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