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Empathy Umbrella craft

This is an empathy umbrella and will be part of our Friendly February Wellbeing club planning.

It can be used to help pupils develop empathy. What might they say to a sad friend? How might they help them to feel better? The idea is that an umbrella protects us from rain and pupils can protect their friends from sadness by showing they care and saying the right things.

An umbrella gives a sense of security and comfort during a downpour of rain just as a friend offering understanding through caring words can ease emotional distress.

Pupils can use mindful colouring to colour in the umbrellas and they can choose or make up their own phrase to write in the speech bubble.

Pupils can cut out the umbrella and glue to the handle. This would look lovely on the wall as a display.

Download: Empathy Umbrella craft


"I am a head of year in a secondary school. I am not ELSA trained, but I find this site so helpful in my day when working with the students. 
It is a very valuable resource that I use every day.
 Thank you."

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