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Emotions sorting folder

This is an emotions sorting folder. Print out all of the pieces and staple them together to create a folder. There is a front cover with faces or a blank front cover depending on the age group you are working with. Like lots of the resources on this website I firmly believe pupils, regardless of age should have ‘doing’ type activities not just worksheets. Worksheets do have their place when working in workbooks etc but most things you can do in a practical way with cards, drawings etc.

  • Pupils can sort faces. If you need some faces this pack has lots of them. Just click the picture.

emotional register

  • They can sort synonyms of emotions.
  • Body sensations could be sorted

Body sensations resource pack

  • Scenarios are great to sort

how would you feel if

Such a versatile and useful resource.

Download: Sorting folder

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"I don’t know what I’d do without the fab resources. I love them and more importantly the children love them. There’s always a resource to help you out."

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