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Emotional Register interactive

This emotional register is interactive. It is a PowerPoint show and when the child chooses an emotion the little character does a little spin.

There is a boy’s version, a girl’s version and a mixed version. You can download the PDF too if you just want to stick it up in your room for the child to point to.

There are twelve different emotions included.

Download: How do I feel today BOY

Download: How do I feel today GIRL

Download: How do I feel today GIRLs and BOYS


Download: How do I feel today BOY

Download: How do I feel today GIRL

Download: How do I feel today GIRLs and BOYS

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  • Sue Rees says:

    I cannot get the “How do you feel today” interactive part working. When I click on a feeling it doesn’t move. Am I doing something wrong?

    • It should just work Sue, Sorry but I am not sure how I can help you. It works on mine and I did ask some people to test it for me. Perhaps it is something to do with your computer or the version of powerpoint that you have. So sorry but you could still get them to point at the feeling.

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