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ELSA recommended booklist

These books have been recommended by ELSA’s all over the country. I personally have used many of them. If you need a set of books to start you off then definitely look at this list. If you personally have used any others which you think need adding then please comment below and I will add them.

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One little word – all about that important word ‘SORRY’

The Boy, the mole, the fox and the Horse

Beautiful book – a good all rounder for many areas of ELSA. Contains lots of lovely quotes about life.


What to do when you worry too much

No worries – activity book

The huge bag of worries this book is fabulous for addressing worries or anxieties with a child.

Little Mouse’s big book of fears – brilliant for exploring fears and opening up discussion with a child. Also a delightful book.

You’ve got Dragons – worries for older children or appealing to boys and girls who love dragons

Silly Billy – Great of you want to make a worry doll too

The Invisible String – Great for separation anxiety

The Red Tree

Owl Babies – Separation anxiety


Crumble the Comfort Cat and the bedtime worries

This is a lovely one to recommend to parents. It was gifted to me by Kay Lord and I love it!

The Kissing Hand – Separation Anxiety

Bereavement and Loss

The Hare-Shaped Hole – highly recommend for grief and loss – please see our blogpost on this book

Muddles, Puddles and Sunshine this book is perfect for bereavement.

A Volcano in my tummy

Badger’s Parting gift

The Gift – A good one for bereavement, Thought provoking, circle of life, visualising etc.

The Scar

Cry, Heart but never Break

The Day the Sea went out and never came back

The Heavy Bag – please see our blogpost and resources for this book

Self esteem

Only One you – Superb little book and fantastic for self-esteem

The Dot – Self-esteem and growth mindset

You be You – Self-esteem and diversity

A place for Pluto – about fitting in

Have you filled a bucket today? – Self-esteem, happiness, behaviour management

Growing up with a bucket full of happiness – Self-esteem, happiness

This is me – In this story we meet a girl. She used to be happy. But as she grew things did not feel quite right. She felt more like a boy than a girl.


How are you peeling?

Hello Happy – Activity book

My many coloured days

A boy and a bear – mindfulness, relaxation

I’m not afraid of spiders

Angry Octopus

That’s when I’m Happy

Words and your heart

The Colour Monster

The Red Beast

Rory Red

Fergal is Fuming!


Bullies, Bigmouths and so called friends


Life Choices, goals and targets

Oh the places you will go


Personal space

Personal Space Camp

Personal Space camp activity book


All cats have Asperger

Hal and the End Street


Yasmine Yogi and Phoebe Bee

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Christmas Bundle of Resources – Item 322

In this HUGE Christmas bundle of resources, there are 14 items all with a Christmas theme.


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school separation anxietyschool separation anxietyschool separation anxiety

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  • Ruth Jones says:


    I use a set of books by Elaine Slade (she’s a local author) featuring her 2 dogs. They cover issues such as grief, not fitting in, being unique and special. The titles are as follows:
    “Oh No, Charley Farley”
    “Don’t Be Scared Charley Farley”
    “You Can’t Play Charley Farley”
    “It’s Okay To Be Sad, Charley Farley”
    “What’s Your Christmas Gift, Charley Farley?”

    Also “Waterbugs and Dragonflies” when explaining death.

    Max Lucardo – “You Are Special”, “You Are Mine” and “The Oak Inside the Acorn” – all are faith-based but they focus on the child being special because of who they are, not what they have etc.

  • Julia Naylor says:

    The Drama Llama by Rachel Morrisroe, I love this new picture book all about worries and regularly recommend it to teachers.

  • Sally Mills says:

    I love this list! So helpful to have tried and tested books to use.

    May I also suggest, “The Memory Book”,
    A Book About Grief by Joanna Rowland.

    A very simple, beautifully illustrated book about the death of a special person. It never says who has died, so perfect for ELSA work around grief. The book also encapsulates the idea of creating a memory box.

  • Margo Rodriguez says:

    Great list Debbie, thank you. I’ll be purchasing a few on there.

  • Nicola Robe says:

    Worries are like clouds by Shona Innes and Irisz Agocs. Good for exploring worries, how they can make you feel and ideas for dealing with them.

  • Gilly leetham says:

    Fantastic list ! Thanks Debbie x

  • Julie Hough says:

    Michael Rosen The Sad Book

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