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This is a PowerPoint emotions game based on our free game. This will work on an IWB or laptop using PowerPoint. You MUST have PowerPoint installed on your computer. If you download the PowerPoint App on IPAD it will also work on IPAD. In fact the video below is on IPAD just to show you. It is perfect for whole class teaching of emotions as well as working one to one on a laptop or IPAD.

The focus of this game is to recognise facial expressions on our Feeling Monsters. There are 12 monsters included in sets of 2. So children pick one of them, say the emotion and see if the bee is hiding behind the monster.

There is also an emotional register included in the PowerPoint which shows the monster going transparent and the word appears underneath. Do have a look at the video below to show you how it works.

Lots of opportunity for discussing facial expressions and perfect for very young children.


"Where would an ELSA be without Debbie and Elsa Support? If it doesn't exist Debbie will do her upmost to make it for you. A wonderful one stop ELSA 'shop' - not forgetting ELSA Free Friday!"

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