Warm Fuzzies or Cold Prickles – Item 207


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This resource is for younger children but could also be used with lower KS2. When we feel happy we are warm and fuzzy and when we feel sad we are cold and prickly. This resource will help children to understand that their words might hurt others and that it is better to make people feel warm and fuzzy by saying nice things.

The resource consists of the following:

  • 48 cards which are either compliments or mean things that people say
  • A game board
  • Sorting mats for pairs
  • Sorting mats for groups or classes
  • Posters
  • Worksheets
  • Example planning sheet

You can download the example planning sheet here for free: Example lesson plan warm fuzzies free sample

"The site not only gives me fantastic resources that are so budget friendly to support our pupils, it is also a great support for me too. Knowing Debbie is there with her wealth of experience is amazing and the network she has grown of other ELSAs is brilliant."

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