My Transition Lapbook – Item 125


My Transition Lapbook –

My Transition Lapbook – Transition to another school or class – After the creation of the ‘Feelings Lapbook’ and the ‘Self esteem’ lapbook I thought I would try and create one for transition and this is the result. My idea for this is that this can be built with a child, combining lessons and creativity and craft. Each component can be a lesson or part of a lesson. It is something for the child to take away at the end of your sessions. You could easily fill 4 to 6 lessons with what is in this lapbook.

Of course you could create this completely free by using free resources from the website or if you want to reproduce my lapbook then the download is available for purchase here. There are two versions, one in black and white so the child can colour the lettering etc and one in colour where they can just cut and stick. There are two alternative back covers which you can choose to add to the lapbook. One is a game about ‘Changes’ and the other is a weekly feelings diary. Of course you could add one of those to the back cover and just use the other separately.

To make up

All you need is one sheet of A3 card folded from each side.  The left flap is 10cm and the right flap is 11.5cm, this gives a slight overlap.

Front cover

Please see the slide show for other resources included in the pack and also read this blog post on ideas to use it.

The title has a boy on the cover but there is also a girl included.

This is a DOWNLOADABLE resource and a link will be sent to your email address on purchase.

Thank you to one of the ELSAs in the ELSA Group for sending in a photograph of the lapbooks her children have made. They are LOVING them!