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Tangle it!

Zentangle® is a relatively new and exciting art form which combines relaxation with creating exciting images using repeating patterns. Anyone can do it and anything goes! This resource was Inspired by the Zentangle® method of pattern drawing.and you can visit their website for more information. If you look on Pinterest or do a search on the internet you can find some amazing images that people have created. Many of these designs are truly inspiring. I have included some designs to illustrate from a fabulous clipart artist.

You can read more about it here Credit and information

There are so many benefits and it makes a nice change to just colouring in mindfulness patterns. Pupils can make their own.

Suggested benefits include:

  • Concentration and attention span – it is so easy to get completely engrossed in your design
  • Thinking skills – thinking what pattern to do next, what will look good!
  • Mindfulness – a sense of mindfulness and being completed absorbed in the activity
  • Relaxation – a true sense of relaxation as you are only thinking about your patterns
  • Hand eye co-ordination – speaks for itself, try it!
  • Self-esteem – creating something beautiful that looks amazing!
  • Stress relief – if you feel stressed give it a go. You will be amazed
  • Self soothing – it is such a soothing activity and if you feel upset or anxious it will make you feel better
  • Ok to make mistakes – your mistakes can be incorporated into your design
  • Problem solving – how can you incorporate your mistakes into your design?
  • Fine motor skills – making those tiny patterns
  • Nurturing creative abilities – allowing everyone to be creative
  • Expanding your imagination – let your imagination go and just create!
  • Creative expression – allows you to create your own design and express yourself
  • Great fun!
  • Simple to learn – each stroke of the pen or pencil is simple
  • No planned outcome – you don’t know yet how your design will end up.

Let’s start a new and fabulous craze!

Included in the pack:

  • 35 shapes all sectioned off
  • 32 of those shapes all blank for pupils to section off
  • 26 Letters of the alphabet sectioned off
  • 26 Letters of the alphabet left blank for pupil to section off

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