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This Support for divorce intervention is to help support a child who has experienced their parents divorcing. It is intended for children who are struggling and need some one to one support.

It is so important to create a link with the parent and to get permission to work with their child.

The Support for divorce intervention consists of 6 lessons of approximately 30-40 minutes on a weekly basis. We have included all the resources you need for the intervention, all you do is print and deliver.

The learning objectives are as follows: I can tell you…..

  • what divorce means to me and how it makes me feel
  • what I was doing when I first found out
  • how things have changed
  • about my worries
  • about things that make me feel better
  • how I can feel proud of my memory book

Now updated to include ‘Separation modifications’

"This site is absolutely amazing! So many wonderful resources and if you want something tailored to your needs Debbie is happy to oblige. Thank you for all your hard work Debbie."

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