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This Support for divorce intervention is to help support a child who has experienced their parents divorcing. It is intended for children who are struggling and need some one to one support.

It is so important to create a link with the parent and to get permission to work with their child.

The Support for divorce intervention consists of 6 lessons of approximately 30-40 minutes on a weekly basis. We have included all the resources you need for the intervention, all you do is print and deliver.

The learning objectives are as follows: I can tell you…..

  • what divorce means to me and how it makes me feel
  • what I was doing when I first found out
  • how things have changed
  • about my worries
  • about things that make me feel better
  • how I can feel proud of my memory book

Now updated to include ‘Separation modifications’

"I absolutely love the resources on your website. Our school have bought a few and I have personally. I have built up a great library and you have helped me out with leavers presents in the past, also love the Friday freebies! Thank you very much."

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