Support Staff Planner UPDATE for 2020 to 2021 – Item 382


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Please note this is NOT the Full Support Staff Planner but an update for  2020/2021 for those people who have purchased the planner from me over the past 4 years and contains the following:

  • A choice of 19 Front covers all with an editable version (Please use a laptop and Adobe reader to edit your job title, date and name)
  • The planner diary for 2020/2021

If you have one of my planners already you will just need this to replace your diary for the new year. The planner goes from September 2020 to August 2021 and is full of useful tips and quotes.

This years planner has had a major update so if you want to purchase the full planner you can do so below.

Link to the Full planner

"Such a wide range of resources to choose from - always something that can be used for different ages and situations. I have used so many and return to them time and time again. They are all super, but my favourites are the actual programmes that run over several sessions - for example the Super Girl Group. So easy to follow, it provides great confidence to allow you to really engage with the group rather than worry about what to do next. Brilliant."

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