Superhero themed Self-esteem workbook – item 48


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This resource is a result of an ELSA asking for something on self-esteem to appeal to boys. She thought Superheroes would be a good theme to do. This workbook consists of 33 pages of activities and resources and would be perfect for boys but also lots of girls love superheroes too.

Some of the activities can be seen if you open the image below this post.

Activities consist of:

  1. Creating a superpower to help people
  2. Creating a superhero name
  3. Designing your superhero
  4. How it makes you feel to use your superpowers to help someone
  5. Comparing your favourite superhero to yourself – same and different

The Superhero emotion characters have all been drawn by myself.

"A fantastic and inspirational website. The resources are an ELSA's dream, everything is so well thought out and each one can be used for more than one purpose. I have recommended the website to other ELSA's in my supervision group and they all think it's great too!"

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