Superhero themed emotions workbooklets – item 49


Superhero themed emotions workbooklets

Teaching children to recognise, understand, label, and express their emotions is fundamental before expecting them to regulate their emotions. The more they know about emotions then the more likely they will be to say what is bothering them. For example if a young child can say ‘I am angry at you because…’ then they are less likely to throw a tantrum or hit or hurt someone. If they can say ‘I feel worried because…’ then you can help them deal with that worry. In my experience happy children tend to be emotionally literate. A sweeping statement I know but I am sure there is research somewhere that states this.

To teach children emotions early on can really make a difference to their behaviour both at home and at school.

This is a bundle of workbooks which cover the six emotions. Please open the images below to see what is included in this bundle. There is a saving of £1 for buying this bundle rather than buying each workbook individually.

Emotions workbook – Happiness

Emotions workbook – Sadness

Emotions workbook – Anger

Emotions workbook – Surprise

Emotions workbook – Disgust

Emotions workbook – Fear (scared)

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This item is included in the ‘ELSA pack’ for working individually with pupils