Social Skills – What should you do? – item 25


** This resource has been updated with a new game board and more social skill cards

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Social Skills – What should you do? – Social skills and thinking skills are so important for children. What do you do or say in certain situations? Children need to learn to be assertive, to say no if they are not happy, to stay safe and not get involved in behaviour that is wrong. This resource contains a set of cards and a board game. If you have one or two children you could play the board game and select the cards which you think are most appropriate to the children. It might be a good idea for the children to act out the scenarios so they practise saying exactly what they would say in certain situations. Instructions are included in the game.

The cards could easily be used for circle time conversation starters.

What should you do if … you leave your lunchbox at home?

What should you do if … someone sends you a mean text?

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These cards are included in ‘The New ELSA Starter pack’

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