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Social Skills taking turns – This intervention is written for a group of four children and is led by an ELSA or teaching assistant. It covers emotions, relaxation and a basic course in taking turns.  It runs for approximately 40 minutes.

There is a big emphasis on children being reflective learners, and an assessment booklet is included. A pre and post assessment is filled in by the class teacher at the beginning and end of the intervention. The assessments we use are enclosed with this pack and are based on the ELSA network’s assessment. These assessments cover other areas of emotional literacy and social skills but are a good indicator of any other problems that the child may have. Often when a child takes part in this type of intervention other skills are developed too for example, emotional awareness, social skills, sharing, co-operating, teamwork and self-esteem to name a few. It is a good idea to keep a book, like a learning journey to stick the children’s work in. This is a brilliant way of sharing with parents and teachers things that the children are doing with you.

All the resources are available within the pack. You will need a few extra resources such as straws, biscuits/buns, lego bricks, paper plates, a timer and board games. The relaxation exercises are linked to on the internet. Feelings fans and circle time rules are included in the pack. There are also flashcards for key vocabulary and learning objectives. The lessons are designed to include emotions, main activity and relaxation. The last session includes a ‘snack time’.

Learning objective for the intervention are as follows:

  • I know when something isn’t fair
  • I understand what it means to take turns and when we need to take turns
  • I know some fair ways of choosing who goes first in a game or activity
  • I can tell you how I feel when I have to wait for my turn
  • I know some strategies to use when waiting for my turn
  • I can avoid conflict by playing fairly

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