Social and Emotional Prompt cards – Item 222

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There are a whole range of social and emotional prompt cards in this pack.

96 altogether covering a range of social and emotional skills. One of the biggest problems can be children transferring their skills to the classroom or playground. These prompt cards can be laminated and put on a key ring for the child to take back to their class as a reminder for the child and also for the adults working with that child, to understand what the child might be working on.

You could also use them as learning objectives which you will teach in your session and then give the child the card to take away.

I really hope these cards are useful. The idea for these cards came through conversations with a follower of my Facebook page. This person will get this pack for free. If you have any suggestions for resources then please do not hesitate to contact me. If I can make it I will and you will get it for free.

"I have just started my ELSA training for early years and was told about your fantastic website. What wonderful resources and cheap to purchase, as well as Freebie Friday which is amazing!"

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