Separation Cards (thinking about you) – Item 170


Separation Cards

These separation cards are perfect for touching base with your ELSA children. Once an intervention is finished it is important to keep contact with your children. Great relationships occur during ELSA interventions and a question was recently asked in the ELSA group about how people kept in contact. One member messaged me and suggested some form of note card. I always like to try and help when someone suggests a resource.

Some children do build a strong bond with the adult that they work with and these little cards will ensure that they know they are still being thought about and are not forgotten.

Of course these were created for the ELSA/Child relationship. These would also work well for Teacher/Child, TA/Child, Learning Mentor/Child or anyone who works either on a one to one basis or small group basis with children. Parent’s may even find them useful to pop in their child’s lunch box for example, or put one under their pillow to remind them about how amazing they are.

These cards can be printed on A4 card and there are 4 to each A4 sheet. Have a stack of them printed and ready to give out to your children. There is a mixture of ‘thinking of you’ type cards, ‘inspirational cards’ and even Birthday, Christmas cards.

Here is one set of the cards as a free download so you can see what they are like.


DOWNLOAD: Monster amazing

to show the children that you are still thinking about them

Separation Cards

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