Self-esteem intervention Year Three – Item 144


Self-esteem intervention Year Three


The intervention

This intervention is for a group of six children and is led by a teaching assistant. It covers emotions, relaxation, calming down techniques and learning objectives around self-esteem.  It runs for approximately 30-40 minutes, weekly for six weeks Children will learn about emotions during each session and will also learn relaxation and calming techniques through the ‘relaxation time’.  This knowledge and these skills will help them to become more emotionally literate. The coming together of a group fosters a sense of belonging and contributes towards higher self-esteem. Every opportunity should be taken to promote belonging and friendship.


A pre and post assessment is filled in by the class teacher or someone who knows the child well, at the beginning and end of the intervention. These assessments help to give an overall picture of the child’s social and emotional skills and give a good indication of progress made. It is helpful to look at the assessments to find areas to promote during the sessions and in class.  It is important for children to learn how to reflect on their learning so please take time at the end of each session to talk to the children about what they have learnt. There are some speech bubbles included which the children could use to write a simple sentence. It is helpful for the teaching assistant to collect evidence of learning throughout the intervention so photographs, post it notes and any worksheets should be collected and placed in a file, with a section for each child.


This pack contains all the printable resources you will need for each lesson. Please check the session plan for any other resources needed for that session.

At the end of the intervention the children receive a certificate of participation.

This is a downloadable intervention. All the files will be delivered to your email account on purchase (please check your spam folder if you do not receive this email). You can also log into ELSA Support with your username and password and download the resources from your purchase history.


  • Emotion wheels
  • Circle-time rules
  • Cookie label and Confidence Cookie questions
  • Relaxation and calming down activities booklet
  • Planning booklet
  • Certificates
  • Teacher assessment
  • Emotions vocabulary
  • Scale for self-image
  • Self-image questionnaire
  • I can ‘can’
  • Strength cards
  • Tower of Strengths worksheet
  • One strength or talent in detail worksheet
  • What strength do you aspire to worksheet
  • Speech bubbles

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