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This is a Primary School Memory Book for Year 6 children to work on independently. This year children probably won’t get the chance to do transition work like they normally do so this booklet may help to remember the good times at Primary before moving onto Secondary School.

There are 69 pages in the book which is in colour and in black and white.

So many areas covered. You might want to choose the pages to print off or you might want to print them all out.

Sharing with parents/pupils.

I thought it best to make it as clear as I can what you can and cannot do with a paid resource. I have relaxed my terms a little so you can use this with children working at home.

  • You CAN use it with as many of your pupils that you want to.
  • You CAN email this resource to any of your pupils.
  • You CAN use this resource on google classroom or similar platform.
  • You CAN NOT host this file on your website for anyone to download
  • You CAN NOT share this file on Facebook or any social media
  • You CAN NOT put this on a google drive and share the resource with other people

People need to purchase their own copy to use with their parents/pupils. Please email me if in any doubt at all.

Please also read my terms within the resource.


New FREE booklet added to this pack. If you purchase this you will also receive a ‘Coronavirus memory book’ If you have purchased already then please just log into your account and you can download the FREE booklet.

There are 44 pages in this free booklet. Please see the images.

"The resources are brilliant, they really have helped me in setting up my ELSA. I have so much more confidence with the help of this site. Thank you Debbie; your help is amazing."

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