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Pirate game – This game has 3 sets of scenario cards each set consisting of 24 cards.

  • A friendship set which asks the child to answer true or false
  • An anti-bullying set which asks the child whether the bullying is verbal, non verbal or physical
  • A kindness set which asks the child whether the scenario is kind or unkind

There is a treasure chest, gold coins and pirate cards.

Each child has a treasure chest and must collect gold coins by answering the questions correctly. However, if they pick a pirate card then they must do what it says on the card – give back coins, miss a turn or get more coins.

The winner is the person who has the most coins when the scenario cards have all been answered.

The cards can also be used as a discussion point with children during circle time.


"All resources are so child friendly, they love them and using them really takes the stress out of producing a well-timed ELSA session. Matching the resources to SMART targets is also quick and easy. Best of all I can afford to pay for them and use them again and again!"

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