Pirate emotional literacy resources – item 58


Pirate emotional literacy resources – This download contains the following resources:

  1. Emotion fans with 16 emotions
  2. Emotion cards
  3. Cut and stick emotion cards
  4. Emotions on pieces of gold
  5. Design a pirate flag
  6. Emotional thermometers or traffic lights
  7. Fill your treasure chest sheet
  8. Pirate ship emotional register
  9. Pirate ship emotional register blank sails
  10. Which three friends would you take on your ship?
  11. Colour in the sails behaviour management
  12. Give each pirate a different expression
  13. Fill your treasure chest
  14. How do you feel pirate booklet
  15. How do you feel pirate sheet
  16. Stages of anger – pirates
  17. Blank emotion fans
  18. 16 posters of pirates showing different emotions
  19. 16 writing sheets showing different emotions
  20. 7 things you are good at on each sail of the ship.

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