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This New Year Reflections game will help pupils to reflect on the old year and the coming year. There are 90 question cards with a variety of questions that the vast majority of pupils can answer, regardless of age. You would expect more detailed answers from older pupils. There are two game boards, one with clipart for younger pupils and one without clipart for older pupils. Each player has a ‘Star collector board’ for each time they answer a question and the first person to fill their board is the winner of the game.

Of course the cards from this New Year Reflections game could be used independently as a warm up to your session.

How to play
The youngest person to start by throwing the die and moving that number of places on the board. Continue around the board in a clockwise direction.
If the player lands on a ‘Make a wish’ star they need to make a wish for the new year. They can then collect a star card to place on their board.
If the player lands on a ‘Pick a card’ star they must pick a card and try to answer the question. They then get given a star card to put on their board.
The winner of the game is the person who covers all their stars on their ‘star board’.
If no one has won when all players have reached the ‘end’ on the board then the player with the most stars covered is the winner.

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