New Year, New ME! Intervention – Item 260


New Year, New ME!

This intervention is written for a group of four children and is led by an ELSA or teaching assistant. It covers emotions, relaxation and lessons around making changes and setting targets for the new year. It runs for approximately 40 minutes.

Children will work together in a group which will give them a sense of belonging. This helps to raise self-esteem.

All my interventions follow a similar structure:

  • Welcome and emotional register– welcome the children to the group, go over the circle time rules and talk about how they feel today.
  • Warm up – children really respond better if they have had chance to warm up and feel at ease by playing a game or activity. This may or may not be related to the learning objective.
  • Activity – this is where the children work on the learning objective.
  • Relaxation/Mindfulness – Children are more ready to go back to class if they are relaxed and calm.
  • Review of the session – Children talk about their learning experience and perhaps fill in a pupil feedback form on the session.

The paper resources for this intervention come in booklet form. Make one up to show the children at the start of your intervention but don’t make their booklets up straight away. Some weeks has a challenge for them to take away with them. Make their booklets up for their last session so they can take them away as a reminder. You can collect any evidence you require each week up to that point.

There are no assessments for this intervention.

Learning objectives are:

        • I can tell you about some of my happiest memories last year
        • I can tell you about some of my proudest moments last year
        • I can tell you about some things that I want to get better at next year
        • I can tell you about some habits I want to change.
        • I can make a New Year resolution for something I want to get better at
        • I can make a New Year resolution for something I want to stop doing

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