ELSA Starter pack – Item 30


****Please also see the NEW ELSA STARTER PACK


ELSA starter pack – contains a range of interventions and resources that would be beneficial for you starting off in your work as an ELSA. All these interventions are available on the site to be purchased individually.

This pack contains the following:

Friendship and Social Skills intervention – a 12 week intervention which takes most of the afternoon, once a week.

Friendship and Social skills extra lessons – 6 extra lessons that can be slotted in as needed to the Friendship and Social skills intervention.

Self-esteem Intervention – 6 lessons on self-esteem

Emotions Intervention – A 6 week intervention which covers the six basic emotions

Anger intervention – A basic anger management course which takes approximately 40 minutes, once a week.

Social skills intervention (listening) – A listening intervention which takes approximately 40 minutes, once a week.

ELSA worksheet pack – a range of different worksheets that can be used for ELSA work.

My memories – workbook on bereavement.

Memories of my pet – workbook on the loss of a pet.

Included in each intervention is all the planning and resources to deliver  the intervention. All you need do is print it off and prepare the resources. However, because children are so different and we need to be flexible I have included the word documents as well as PDFs so that you can amend/change/alter to your hearts content to suit your children.

Free resource for buying this pack is the ‘Social skills Scenario cards and game’.

This is a downloadable resource. A link to download the resource will be sent to your email address after purchase.  It can also be downloaded directly from the site by entering your username and password, going to your account and looking at your purchase history.