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This resource is a way of tracking a child’s well-being and mental health. Over time it is hoped that patterns may emerge that can be explored with the child.

Monitoring a child’s mood can be for the full year or for a month or two. There is a sheet for each month relating loosely to something topical. Hearts for Valentine’s day, Snowflakes for Winter, fireworks for Bonfire night and so on.

There are two copies of each sheet. One has suggestions for emotions to use and the other is blank for you and the child to decide which emotions to use.

How to use

At the bottom of each sheet is a key. Let the child choose the colour they want to represent each emotion. .

Each day they must think about how they feel. They then colour the relevant day in that colour. Sometimes a child may feel several emotions such as happy and angry so they can colour the relevant day in those two colours to allow for mixed emotions.

It is to be hoped that the child will take control of their current monthly sheet and will take it home at weekends to continue their monitoring of their mood. This will make the child mindful of their emotions and how they are feeling daily.

You can download the sheet for September to see if this is something you would like to use. Try it on yourself and see if anything interesting emerges.

You can download this sample by clicking below. It is zipped so you will need a computer or laptop to open it.

DOWNLOAD: Free sample Monitor Your Mood

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