Kindness Game – Item 265


Kindness Game

Pupils will learn about what is a kind thing to do and what is an unkind thing to do.


  • Sort a selection of cards between ‘kind’ or ‘unkind’ (Template 1)
  • ‘The kindest thing I ever did’ – comic strip. Ask the pupils to think about a time when they did something very kind. They can draw a comic strip of what happened. (Template 2)
  • Use the cards as a prompt for circle time. Each child to decide whether they think the statement is kind or unkind. Prompt them to give a reason why.
  • ‘10 kind things I can do’ –Pupils can create a list of 10 things they could do to be kind. (Template 3)
  • ‘Kindness Challenge’ – a simple diary entry each day, listing acts of kindness. (Template 4)
  • Play a simple board game. Stack the cards where indicated. Use a counter to move around the board. Use a die to roll a number. Move that number of places. If they land on a thumbs up (Smiley face) or thumbs down (Sad face) they pick a card. If they land on a thumbs up and pick a card that is kind then they keep the card. If they land on a thumbs down and the card is unkind then they keep the card. If they land on a thumbs up and the card is unkind then it has to go back onto the pile of cards. The person who collects the most cards is the winner.

Two boards are included for the game to suit younger and older children.

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