Growth mindset poster set – Item 116


Growth mindset poster set

Growth mindset poster set – This is a set of posters to inspire children to try and that it is ok to make mistakes. Mistakes help us learn.

These print beautifully on A3 paper so are great to display.

Use each quote as a lesson plan and display one each week in the classroom.

There are 22 different quotes altogether.


Here is a free one for you to download as a sample.

Download: sample poster




These are useful in so many ways:

  • Use them during circle-time  to open up discussion.
  • Display one each week in your classroom and discuss. Refer to the poster often to reinforce how important it is to try your best.
  • Create lesson plans around one of the posters.

There is also a Self esteem poster set and an Emotions poster set. Please click the links to go to these resources.

This resource is a downloadable resource and a link to download the resource is sent automatically from the site on purchase. If you do not receive this email please check your spam folder. The resource can also be downloaded from your purchase history by logging into ELSA support with your username and password, go to your account and download it from your purchase history.

These posters are available in hard copy format, A4 card, laminated and delivered to your home or school for £35 including postage. Payment is by bacs or paypal.

Please contact me to order.