Getting to Know you Intervention – Item 213


Getting to know you intervention

Who is it for?

You have been asked to work with a child on various issues but before you can really begin that work, a few sessions are needed to build a relationship with that child. You need to get to know them and they need to get to know you. They need to learn to trust you. This intervention covers 3 sessions and will help you to build that relationship.

You will still be working on emotions and relaxation in every session because that really is so fundamental to what being an ELSA is.

You will find out some things about them such as how they like to learn and what they want to learn. You will find out what their strengths are. All these things will help you in further work with the child.


All the paper resources are included. You will also need a die, dry wipe pens (optional), coloured pencils, playdough (optional), bubbles (optional), glue and scissors.

Prepare an A4 exercise book by covering with plain paper. This will be their learning journey with you. Anything you do with them will be stuck in here. It could be called their memory book or something like that.

What’s included?

  • Planning booklet with 3 lesson plans
  • Relaxation booklet
  • Warm up games
  • Emotional register and body sheet
  • Strengths activity
  • What do I like to do worksheet
  • What do I want help with worksheet

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