Full Support Staff Planner 2019/2020 – Item 298


Full Support Staff Planner 2019/2020

This is the full Support Staff Planner for 2019/2020. I made this planner 3 years ago and have updated it each year. If you already have my planner then you just need to purchase the updated diary and you can find that by going to this link – Basic Support Staff Planner 2019/2020

Please check out the pictures to see what is included in this pack. It is HUGE and should cover everything you would need in a planner. If there is something you need and I haven’t supplied it then contact me and I will add it as a free update. info@elsa-support.co.uk

What is included in this FULL VERSION?

  • Basic planner, month to view with space for writing in each day.
  • Catch up – sheet for logging people and children who you need to speak to so you don’t forget.
  • Communication with parents – log all contact with parents.
  • Communication with staff – log all contact with staff members
  • Contacts – log all your contacts.
  • 20 Front covers to choose from
  • 5 a day for well being – look after yourself
  • Doodle pages – all good ideas can come from doodles
  • Mindfulness colouring when you are feeling a bit stressed.
  • Monitor your mood – a great way of monitoring your mood over a full year.
  • Proud moments and kiddies quotes – log all those things that make you proud and also the funny things they say.
  • Class list
  • CPD Record
  • Individual child profiles
  • Intervention groups
  • Meeting notes
  • Notes
  • Overtime log
  • Performance management
  • Personal information
  • Referred children list
  • Resources list
  • Useful websites
  • Daily plan
  • Timetable
  • To do list weekly
  • To do list daily
  • Weekly plan
  • Year at a glance
  • Display planning
  • Group assessment sheet
  • Group intervention record
  • Individual assessment sheet
  • Individual intervention record
  • Planning template individuals
  • Planning template groups
  • Smart planning
  • Social story planning
  • Topic mindmap
  • and lots more…

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This pack is included in the ELSA ADMIN BUNDLE. Click the picture to take you there.