Friendship and Social Skills EYFS (EXTRA LESSONS) – Item 119


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This is a set of six extra lessons plus resources for the Friendship and Social Skills EYFS- Item 100


The Friendship and Social Skills EYFS – ITEM 100 first. You will need some of the resources included in the original pack in order to deliver this.

Learning objects are around self-esteem and are for a group of 6 children.

This pack contains a planning booklet with six lessons and the resources for those six lessons. A pack of strength cards worth (£1.50) are included in the pack.

Lesson 1
I can tell you about all the things I am good at and I understand that everyone is different and has different strengths and talents.

Lesson 2
I can think about a time when I used one of my strengths

Lesson 3
I can tell you about a time when I felt proud

Lesson 4
I can tell you about my wishes and dreams

This lesson features an original story by published author – LE Palphreyman

This story is called ‘The Wishing Star’ and is a delightful story about wishes, dreams and hope.

Lesson 5
I can give and receive a compliment

Lesson 6
I can tell you about something I want to get better at

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