Friendship and social skills intervention – Item 1


***This intervention has recently been updated to include all the paper resources that are needed to run the intervention.

This intervention is written for a group of eight children and is lead by two ELSAs or teaching assistants. It covers many areas of emotional literacy. All the lessons have been tried and tested and work well. The biggest strength of this intervention is the sense of belonging it gives to the children taking part. They belong to a group and look out for each other.

There is a big emphasis on children being reflective learners and scaling techniques are used throughout the intervention. A pre and post assessment is filled in by the class teacher at the beginning and end of the intervention. The assessments we use are enclosed with this pack and are based on the ELSA network’s assessment. The memory book is a ‘learning journey’ throughout the intervention and is also wonderful for sharing with parents. It can be taken home at the end of the intervention to remind children of all the things they have done and learnt in the sessions. Photographs are taken of children regularly throughout the intervention and stuck in the child’s memory book.

The lessons are designed to include emotions, relaxation and snack in every session.

I really hope you enjoy using the lessons as much as I have.

    • I can think about all the good things about myself and share these thoughts with others in the group
    • I can tell you why I feel part of a group
    • I can tell you what being worried feels like and how to share my worries
    • I can tell you the things that hurt my feelings
    • I can understand that everyone is different and unique.
    • I can understand that ‘giving’ can make me feel happy.
    • I can give and receive a compliment
    • I can tell you what being a good friend means to me
    • I can disagree with someone’s opinion without falling out
    • I can tell you what my triggers for anger are.
    • I can think of some ways to calm myself down.
    • I can tell you what I have learnt in the friendship group.

I really hope you find it useful especially if you are starting on the journey of being an ELSA and need something to help you begin on your journey.

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