My Feelings Lapbook – Item 123


My Feelings Lapbook is a brilliant resource for working one to one with a child. Perfect for ELSAs, Learning Mentors, or anyone who works one to one with children.

Children learn lots about emotions.

This download contains all the templates and activities you will need to create your own lapbook. All you will need is an envelope folder (document wallet) measuring 34cm by 24cm or a large piece of card measuring 55cm by 35cm, some sticky velcro, laminating sheets, split rings, glue and a whiteboard pen.

You can read more about lapbooks on this link and also please look at the photos to see how I put my lapbook together.

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There is so much you can do with this once finished:

  • Emotional register – child picks the circle face and sticks to the body image.
  • Match the emotion word – child picks the emotion word and matches to their emotion face.
  • Draw emotion faces – child can use the flip book to practise different facial expressions.
  • Explore physical reactions to emotions – child marks off areas on the body shape where they feel their emotions – eg headache, butterflies, heart beating fast.
  • Explore feelings further by scaling them with the thermometer.
  • Explore feelings further by using the laminated thinking bubble – what are their thoughts when feeling an emotion?
  • Explore feelings further by using the laminated speech bubble – what might they say when they are feeling an emotion?
  • Explore feelings further by using the ‘How would you feel if?’ prompt cards.
  • Learn to name emotions with the game.
  • Learn to make the emotion face with the game.
  • Learn to understand what makes them feel that way with the game.
  • Use the calming down wheel to discuss regulation strategies.
  • Play a pairs game by printing two sets of the emotion circles and two sets of the emotion words.
  • Use the feelings book to prompt discussion on different emotions.

There is also a self-esteem lapbook  and a Transition lapbook

This is a DOWNLOADABLE resource and a link will be sent to your email address on purchase.