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This is a huge set of feelings cards and definitions with 171 cards in the pack which print 8 to an A4 page. There is also a page of ideas included which are listed below.

There is a feeling word and a very simple definition. You can use these for introducing vocabulary to children. They are suitable for KS2 to Secondary.

I have included some little cards that you can fold so you can hide the definition if you wish and get the child to guess what it might mean.

These feelings cards are in alphabetical order and there are at least 4 feeling words for each letter except for x y and z

Ideas for feelings cards

  • Find the letters of your name and decide if you have felt those feelings
  • Pick a bundle of the cards and arrange into alphabetical order
  • Pick out some positive feelings
  • Pick some difficult feelings
  • Find a feeling word beginning with a certain letter and write a sentence using it
  • Hide the definition and ask the child to guess what it might mean
  • Find all the feelings that would be synonyms of happy, sad, angry or scared
  • Think about your day and pick out all the feelings you have felt in that day.
  • Make a collage of….angry words., happy words, scared words, sad words
  • Start a feelings diary and pick out your main feeling for that day. Write it down and explain why you felt that way.
  • Pick a card and draw…. the facial expression, a picture of a time when you felt like that, a comic strip of what happened when you felt like that
  • Use speech bubbles and thinking bubbles to show what you were thinking or saying
  • Make your own feeling’s dictionary by picking out all the emotion words you have heard of, writing them down in alphabetical order and write a brief description of what it means.
  • Pick an ‘angry’ word. How could you calm yourself down if you felt like that?
  • Pick a word and think about the physical feelings you get when you have this emotion.
  • Pick a feeling and… make the face, use a mirror to practise, act it out with a friend, make up a scenario that would make you feel like that.
  • Make up a scenario for a child and get them to choose the feeling they would feel in those circumstances.
  • Pick a positive feeling and try and use the word as many times as you can in one day.
  • Pick a feeling card and write or talk about how someone might behave when they feel that feeling. What might they do?
  • Pick a feeling word and think about who could help you if you felt like that or how could you help yourself if you felt like that?
  • Pick a feeling card and see if you can find the opposite feeling.  An example would be that happy is the opposite of sad.
  • Pick a difficult feeling word  and think about how you could change that feeling to a more positive feeling. What could you do?
  • Pick a feeling card. If you felt like this how would other people around you feel?
  • Pick a feelings card and create a thoughts feelings and action chart.
  • Choose a feelings card. What triggers this feeling in you?
  • Choose a feeling card. Who does this feeling remind you of?
  • Pick a feelings word and think about what job that feeling has. What does it tell you?
  • Find 5 feelings that you have felt this week?
  • What is your favourite feeling? Find it!
  • Which feeling do you dislike most? Find it!
  • Learn to spell some of the feeling words. You might be able to use them in your writing.
  • Make a ‘feelings picture’ by either drawing a picture of you in the middle of the page or use a photo and choose all the feelings you have ever felt. Write them in bubble writing around your picture.
"Thanks for all the work you do on the website, as I honestly don’t think I would be the Elsa I am today without your resources. I bought the starter pack when I started Elsa and it gave me a good start. I’m always on your site as I love the shared ideas too. Our school is on a tight budget - as are many - so I love your Freebie Friday as I use these resources most days and it helps so many vulnerable children on a daily basis. I don’t think I’d be the Elsa I am today without it. Thanks so much Debbie for the time and effort you take to make it all happen."

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