Emotions Display Pack – Item 237


Emotions Display Pack

This is another very useful pack for working on emotions.

Included in the pack

  • 20 Posters showing body language and synonyms of the main emotion word
  • 20 Emotion Bunting showing the face and emotion word.
  • 20 Vocabulary cards showing the main emotion words
  • 1 Banner for decorating your display – Please use your Adobe ‘poster’ printer settings to print this as large as you want.

One of our lovely members has sent in a display she made using this resource. I love it!

You can also download a FREE SET of EMOTION fans from this link which match this theme.

Download: Emotion Fans with Synonyms

This is a downloadable resource and a link will be sent to your email on purchase. Please check your spam folder and that you have input the correct email address. You can also log into your account on the website and download from your purchase history. 

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